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Holistic Pelvic Care ™

Are you currently suffering with incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain?

Do you find that sex is painful?

Did you have a traumatic birth and feel a sense of disconnect from your body?

Or do you need support to prepare your body for pregnancy?

Women’s pelvic health is such an important and much overlooked area

and there are so many women out there suffering in silence and not knowing where to look for assistance. 

Holistic Pelvic Care ™ is a combination of gentle, internal bodywork techniques,

inter-vaginal assessments, simple breath work, and inter-vaginal massage that physically

and energetically aligns the pelvis and supports the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is connected with the root chakra of the body.

A strong root is equated with a strong foundation in the world providing

for more- centered, joy-filled, vibrant life. 

This is a therapy based on 25 years of work and research by Tami Lynn Kent

– a female physiotherapist based in Portland in the US and

author of  Wild Feminine, Mothering from your Centre and Wild Creative. 

Any woman in all stages of life may gain benefit from treatment

but it is particularly beneficial for those looking for assistance or support for:

  • Healing after pregnancy

  • Uterine prolape

  • Urinary leakage or incontinence

  • Chronic bladder or vaginal infections

  • Pregnancy preparation

  • Pelvic congestion

  • Pelvic trauma or abuse

  • Sexual dysfunction

Contact me: 
or whatsapp +48605053388









Certified in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST), 

Universal Healing Tao (UHT)  Instructor (Mantak Chia, Tao Garden, Thailand). 

Certified Sexological Bodyworker - Sexological Bodywork™ Somatic Sex Education™ Professional Training 

(The Institute of Somatic Sexology UK & Ireland),

Somatic sexologist - member of ASIS (The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists)

and Trusted Bodywork.

Female ejaculation and Gspot  (Certified Practitioner, Deborah Sundahl).

IFS (Internal Family System Practitioner (level 2)

Works in the field of sexuality, mapping, dearmouring,

graduate of Women's Pelvic Floor 100 Hour Bodywork Training, Somatic Experiencing - Intro.

Certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™ (Tami Kent).

Studied with Devapath (Osho Diamond Breath), Satyarti Deva (myofascial release),

Moumina (Bioenergetics, body reading), Aneesha Deelon (Pulsation),

Susanne Roursgaard  (sexual dearmouring), Charles Muir  (Tantra),

Svarup / Premartha (childhood and teenage deconditioning) , Nishant (therapist as a friend),

Shashi Solluna (TaoTantric Arts), Tarika Glubin (Transessence, Primal), Svagito (family constellations).

She holds PhD in visual arts from Poznan University of Arts. 

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