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Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy 

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST)

is a body-oriented therapeutic modality based on the understanding

that sexual issues are caused by dysregulation of the nervous system,

which in turn is caused by event trauma or developmental trauma.

Its aim is to gradually bring awareness to the feelings and emotions you might be avoiding,

the stories and beliefs that undermine your efforts to have healthy relationships,

and where these patterns have come from. From here we can begin to change them.


PST is a gentle, trauma-aware method of moving through

various intimacy challenges – sexual, relational, or emotional.

It emphasises nervous system regulation while addressing childhood attachment issues,

by combining a cognitive understanding of

the emotional root causes underneath the presenting issue,

alongside embodied practices and somatic awareness.

What PST is about is supporting you to explore your sexuality;
to understand how your past could be impacting your present,
how your ability to hold boundaries could be impacting your body,
how your nervous system could be impacting your sense of safety.
PST coaching sessions last 1 hour
PST approach involves going all the way back to our earliest experiences of
attachment, embodiment, and relational dynamics,
it’s a modality which can be used to help if you experience any of the following:
  •  a desire to understand yourself and your sexuality more deeply
  • a wish to become more embodied
  • give yourself permission to be a confident sexual being
  • a lack of desire and arousal
  • struggle with intimacy
  • sexual shame
  • shut down sexuality
  • body image negatively impacting your sexuality
  •  difficulty to identify, express and maintain boundaries
  • vaginismus, vulvodynia or other vaginal pain
  • orgasm issues
  • erectile challenges
  • early ejaculation
  • delayed ejaculation
  • performance anxiety
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Certified in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST), 

Universal Healing Tao (UHT)  Instructor (Mantak Chia, Tao Garden, Thailand). 

Certified Sexological Bodyworker - Sexological Bodywork™ Somatic Sex Education™ Professional Training 

(The Institute of Somatic Sexology UK & Ireland),

Somatic sexologist - member of ASIS (The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists)

and Trusted Bodywork.

Female ejaculation and Gspot  (Certified Practitioner, Deborah Sundahl).

IFS (Internal Family System Practitioner (level 2)

Works in the field of sexuality, mapping, dearmouring,

graduate of Women's Pelvic Floor 100 Hour Bodywork Training, Somatic Experiencing - Intro.

Right now being certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™ (Tami Kent).

Studied with Devapath (Osho Diamond Breath), Satyarti Deva (myofascial release),

Moumina (Bioenergetics, body reading), Aneesha Deelon (Pulsation),

Susanne Roursgaard  (sexual dearmouring), Charles Muir  (Tantra),

Svarup / Premartha (childhood and teenage deconditioning) , Nishant (therapist as a friend),

Shashi Solluna (TaoTantric Arts), Tarika Glubin (Transessence, Primal), Svagito (family constellations).

She holds PhD in visual arts from Poznan University of Arts. 

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