Brainspotting is an advanced brain body technique for healing emotional trauma,

anxiety, depression and PTSD.

It is one of the few techniques that effectively addresses the root cause of psychological stress and trauma.

It is based on the premise that where you look, or your eye position correlates

with deep seated emotional experiences that are typically unreachable by traditional talk therapy.

If you have ever felt stuck in a rut, high anxiety or repeating an unhealthy habit

 (despite your good intentions to change) then it is an ideal therapy to help you breakthrough.

BSP appears to target the right hemisphere, the limbic system and the brain stem (mid brain).  

It seems to bypass the “thinking” cortex of your brain

and is thought to directly access the deep parts of your brain involved in emotional regulation. 

During a Brainspotting session a therapist will help you identify an issue to work on.

While focusing on the issue you will notice how you feel, sense and experience the issue in your mind and body.

From here the eye position or ‘brainspot’ associated with this issue will be identified.

A brainspot is not just one spot in the brain but rather an active network in the brain

that leads to a deep releasing of the issue where it is stored in the mind and body.

The brainspot acts like a doorway into all the stored, stuck baggage from the past.
People report having deeper and more profound releases with Brainspotting

as compared to other brain-based and traditional therapies.

The brain is re-stabilizing, resourcing,

and rebooting itself during Brainspotting and the processing

often continues to occur after the session has ended. 

A doorway has been opened and information will continue to come up and out for releasing and healing.




Brainspotting (praktykowany od 2003 roku) jest opisywany

w piśmiennictwie naukowym jako jedna z najskuteczniejszych form terapii,

obok EMDR czy innych metod pracy z traumą.

Działanie Brainspotting polega na

identyfikacji neurofizjologicznego źródła traumy,

a następnie stymulacji procesów podkorowych w mózgu w celu jej przetworzenia i uwolnienia.

Twórcą Brainspottingu jest amerykański terapeuta Dr.David Grand,

który odkrył, że zlokalizowanie odpowiedniego punktu w polu widzenia,

tzw. „brainspot”, otwiera dostęp do podkorowych struktur mózgu, w którym zapisana jest trauma.

Dzięki odpowiedniemu skupieniu w trakcie wpatrywania się w konkretny punkt

w polu widzenia, czyli w tzw. „Brainspot” – somatycznie i psychofizjologicznie związany

z pamięcią doświadczenia traumy

– możliwe jest uruchomienie zdolności mózgu do samoleczenia.

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Certified in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST), 

Universal Healing Tao (UHT)  Instructor (Mantak Chia, Tao Garden, Thailand). 

Certified Sexological Bodyworker - Sexological Bodywork™ Somatic Sex Education™ Professional Training 

(The Institute of Somatic Sexology UK & Ireland),

Somatic sexologist - member of ASIS (The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists)

and Trusted Bodywork.

Female ejaculation and Gspot  (Certified Practitioner, Deborah Sundahl).

Brainspotting Practicioner.

IFS (Internal Family System) Level 2 Practitioner

Now in 3-year-long Professional Somatic Experiencing Training


Works in the field of sexuality, mapping, dearmouring,

graduate of Women's Pelvic Floor 100 Hour Bodywork Training, Somatic Experiencing - Intro.

Right now being certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™ (Tami Kent).

Studied with Devapath (Osho Diamond Breath), Satyarti Deva (myofascial release),

Moumina (Bioenergetics, body reading), Aneesha Deelon (Pulsation),

Susanne Roursgaard  (sexual dearmouring), Charles Muir  (Tantra),

Svarup / Premartha (childhood and teenage deconditioning) , Nishant (therapist as a friend),

Shashi Solluna (TaoTantric Arts), Tarika Glubin (Transessence, Primal), Svagito (family constellations).

She holds PhD in visual arts from Poznan University of Arts.